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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aunt Ev blows!

...pumpkin seeds, ya bastards! Aunt Ev's my dad's youngest sister. She used to rehearse cheerleading routines in front of us as kids (nieces and nephews - remember Marcia, Jas?) and choreography little variety shows we'd put on for the family. I did impressions. Probably my first taste of what being performing might be like.

5 kids. Married to my Uncle Bob of the Nowak clan for 30 years or so (Uncle Bob's got a sister and brother in WI, a sister in MN, a brother in CO, and his mom, two other brothers and another sister live in Santa Barbara - that's why I always go up there; and for the Santa Inez Valley vino). She teaches dance classes to the elderly, makes the best chocolate chip cookies and can be very young at heart. I think she snuck into the children's division and won (nice one, Aunt Ev). That's my Aunt Ev. Thanks for the clipping, Mom.

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