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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gordo's Gold!!!

Just got back from the Gordon Lightfoot concert at The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. AWESOME! Look for my full post soon. What a treat. Gordon is truly the master storyteller.

By the way, that's Gordo in 1981...when he was as old as I am now. If you're not familiar with Gordo and his music, here's something you can let swim around in your brain for a bit: in an often-quoted tribute to his fellow songwriter, Bob Dylan once observed that when he heard a Gordon Lightfoot song he wished "it would last forever."

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char said...

Hi there!
You should head over to - a fan based Lightfoot site with a very active message board. Lots of "Net People" as Gord calls us have been posting their reviews from the last few nights and we'd love to hear your thoughts.
We're a fine bunch of fans from all over the world, many who come here to Toronto to see Gord at Massey Hall (the Church of Gord as I call it) and spend a few days in the city. I've been seeing him there since 1975..and seen him about 70 times since.
Tons of info/pics etc. and another site for info is Gordon has some 2009 dates already under the NEWS section..
hope to see your post at corfid!
moderator at corfid..

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