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Saturday, October 18, 2008

LOST "The Journey IS the Destination" series post: Notes from Chuck Nowak, M.D.

This past June, was it, I ran a very, very long series of posts entitled, "The Journey IS the Destination" (you can search them on the very bottom of the right panel under the series' name). Very exciting details of my brother's May trip from WI to CA and all our goings-ons (Santa Barbara, Solstice, Big Sur, Monterey, Sequoia National Forest, etcetera). Some awesome pictures. Here's one in the series I never posted:

We consider Chuck Nowak "family" (like his older siblings - Rick, Bev, Carol, Tom, Greg and Laura) - the youngest in my Uncle Bob's (non-blood) family. And he cares. So when Jason and I found a couple dozen notes tucked away in our convertible while partying at Chuck's sister Laura's home in Buellton, we chuckled. That's Chuck with his girlfriend, Heather, at the Solstice parade Saturday morning.

Maybe we should've taken them more seriously. Thanks, Chuck (and others). Your thoughts are appreciated. Here are the rest of Chuck's (and his accomplices) scribblings:

Isn't it about time - save yourself! Enjoy the rest of your life...Quit Now!
Girls don't want to kiss guys with smokey breath - Quit now before you lose your "P".
If we didn't love you, we couldn't ask you...Quit Now! Save your life!
I love you but the "smoothy" smell's gotta go.
Hey D-bag - your penis will shrink. Quit!!
I love you and hope you're around to take of me when I'm an old lady. So don't smoke and up your ante on a longer life - Love, Aunt Ev
Thanks. But I don't want your fucking kidney.
Smokes causes you to not get it up! Is this what you want?
Hack, Hack, hack. How's the mucus? I don't want to pay for your medicare. Love you.
Smoking increases your chances of finding a lover. Bad news it comes in the form of a fat, biker chick or a man. Truth.
From Gonads, to Nonads. It makes your dick shrivel.
These will cause your small nuts to shrivel even further to Neverland. But M.J. love Neverland.
Do you want to smell the fresh scent of women?
Just look up smokers' lungs on Google images.

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