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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When it rains, it pours for the Dallas Cowboys.

My good friend Nick in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan. Normally, I could care less about player injuries on any other NFL team except my own (Jets) and it's not that I really care about the state of the Cowboy franchise - just an observation. The Cowboys, who were considered one of the best teams in the NFL a week ago, have suffered a rash of injuries (to say the least) in their defeat against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Get this:

1. QB Tony Romo - out for 6-8 weeks with broken pinkie

2. RB Felix Jones - out a couple weeks with torn hamstring

3. Punter Matt McBriar may be out the rest of the season with a broken foot.

4. And on top of all that, Pacman "Dipshit" Jones was just handed a 4-game suspension this morning for violating the league's personal conduct policy (he was fighting with a team bodyguard and there was alcohol involved - shows you what sort of fellow Dipshit is when he needs a bodyguard to keep him in line). So much for Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones and his internal investigation which concluded that Dipshit's infraction would not be punishable within the Cowboy organization.

Pacman Dipshit is a loser. His rap sheet is a mile long. He was suspended all last season for off-field issues (one revealed instance involved in a fist fight and a shooting in a Las Vegas strip club that paralyzed manager Tommy Urbanski) and, after reinstatement, was given a three-year probation period by NFL Commissioner Goodall. Besides being a career criminal - he's deaf. He needs to voluntarily remove himself from the league so he can pan for coins on the street and drink himself to death, thereby ruining his life on someone else's time (and pocketbook). And Jerry Jones might wanna think about having an outside organization evaluate HIS OWN methodology when it comes to investigating players on his team.

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