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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bully got you down? Snitch via the Internet.

Six elementary schools in the Salt Lake City, Utah school district are now offering children the opporrtunity to anonymously "snitch" on bullies via an Internet website. A Brigham Young University student created the site in the hopes that students who might be scared to rat on someone might open up on the site.

What's wrong with just telling a teacher? Or informing parents? The Internet as a parental unit? I'm against this idea and I'll tell you why. For as much as the Internet can aid in the education of children, it can cause harm. Underage access to porn sites, sexual predators, computer hacking and identity theft. The next thing you know children will be given the opportunity to make anonymous calls via the Internet, saying, "Mr. Jones touched my penis", when, in fact, Mr. Jones didn't touch Johnny's penis - Johnny just has a gripe against Mr. Jones and Johnny wants to get Mr. Jones in trouble.

Mark my words...this is a bad direction to take regarding this situation. Mark my words.

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Hall Monitor said...

This story made! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

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