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Friday, October 24, 2008

See my "Glazer is a Rat" article on Bleacher Report!

About 7 posts down I talked about killing a dead horse with my rant on the Favre-Glazer story.

I have an expanded version (7 bullet points) that I've written called, "I Smell A Rat in Glazer and I'm 1,000 Percent Sure" . It's on, Bleacher Report, a site where any fan can write a sports editorial or feature and have other fans comment on it. Initially it was in response to a point from Favre's press conference Wednesday morning that I felt journalists in general were missing - and still are. Like people say to me, "Jeff, you only hear what you wanna hear about Favre". Well, it works both ways, folks.

Click on the story link above - the title - and you can leave a comment and read the comments left by others (though most of them right now are my own). can vote on my poll. My poll is a little more straightforward than the polls runs. My question is: "Based on Jay Glazer's 'track record', do you take everything he states in his articles as 'gospel'? Yes or No?"

Iowachick responded (to the shortened version of this article - and on another site),
"Jeffircink makes a lot more sense than most sports writers have in "interpreting Favre".

I like Iowachick. Actually, I've dated many Iowa chicks in my time. I like Iowachicks.

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