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Monday, October 6, 2008

Packer fans starting to "smell" trouble.

In a story from the Green Bay Gazette, Green Bay Packer fans are becoming noticeably uneasy as the Packers dropped their 3rd loss in a row, falling to a 2-3 record thus far in the season.

Now, even from a 44-year-old ex-Packer fan like myself who has boycotted the Pack this season due to the 3 Wise Monkey's (Packer management) decision during the preseason to trade 17 year vet (16 with the Pack) and future Hall of Famer Brett Favre to the New York Jets (2-2), I still believe it's too early in the season to get a spade and start digging the Pack 6 feet under.

Yet all, thus far, is going according to my plan. What plan you ask? The Packers have to do shitty this year for heads to roll up in the GB Packer ivory tower that is Packer management. Sadly, even with a lousy record, that probably won't happen as a subpar season will be blamed on a new QB (wasn't Rogers the better choice over Favre, according to Monkeys 1, 2 and 3??) and a plague of injuries. So I'll continue to root for Brett and the Jets until Brett retires and Packer GM Ted Thompson is tarred and feather and run out of Green Bay (check old blog posts from this summer for all pertinent news on the Packer PR debacle and my viewpoints). Sad that the opportunity to build on a 13-3 regular season record last year will be pissed down the toilet in lieu of "the QB for the future".

One thing can be said - the Packers had 3 losses all last season. Their road will go nowhere but down. The injuries I alluded to earlier - hell, Favre and Co. played with injuries in the past; Brett played the entire season once with a broken thumb on his throwing hand, for Christ's sake. The Jets, on the other hand had only 4 wins last year, so their road can only go up. The missing component for GB is Favre. Like it or not, Favre's leadership and presence on the field holds a lot of weight (nonewithstanding his performance last year - garnering him Sportsman of the Year accolades from Sports Illustrated, a seond place MVP finish in voting and the FedEx Air Player of the Year award) and, though Rogers' stats are good so far, he's not enough to overcome a missing #4 on a team that went 13-3 last year that was one win away from the Super Bowl, AND a PR mess that still resonates with the city, the fans - and with the team.

Kiss my ass GM Thompson, Coach McCarthy and President Murphy! YOU ARE THE TRAITORS! YOU sold your souls! YOU were told. YOU were warned. And your egos got in the way, you control freaks. traded a guy who - 5 games into the season - is the #1 QB in QB rating and TDs and #2 in completion percentage! It's the 5th stage syphilis, I know. I said that.

Assholes. I hate your guts. You're all piss ants.


Cousin Scott said...

Jeffrey...I know you hate writers but don't fall into the trap of not tellign the whole story.

The Packers record is completely independent of the QB spot. The Packers would be no better off if #4 was there.

The problems thus far have been an innefective offensive line and a defensive line that can't stop the rush or put pressure on the QB. It is more of a defensive issue than anything more.

BY the way...Packers starters only missed a total of 13 games last year. That means our starting 11 on both offense and defense started 96.4 % of the time.

This year...not even close to that number. I know this helps your cause for #4 over #12, but in reality, it is indifferent.

That's the TRUTH...but I Love you PASSION!

Cousin Scott said...
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Jeff Ircink said...
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Jeff Ircink said...

first off, cuz, i still haven't rec'd. my fucking hat.

secondly, i'm not falling into a trap. i stated the Packers are injured and the Rogers has been playing well. did you not see that?

thirdly, perception's reality and injuries or no injuries, the Pack will have a worse record than last year and the Jets will have a better record than last year and the common denominator is Favre.

i understand your logic, but tell that to the angry villagers armed with fire ready to torch Lambeau.

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