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Friday, October 31, 2008

Every Holiday has it's Queen; my "Witch of the Day" = FoxSports' Kevin Hench! Yehhh!

Kevin Hench, contributing writer to! Yeahhhh for Kevin. Dildo.

If you wanna know how this douche bag was chosen "Witch of the Day", click on READ MORE! for all the gory details.

(WAIT! There's more...)

Hench's last article for Fox was what would happen if you took scathing political ads and applied them to the sports world. Brett made #1 (out of 10, I believe).

According to the latest above rip, Hench rehashed the same shit stories: Brett denied that the conversation with the Detroit Lions took place, when in reality, Henchie, all Favre said was that the report was "B.S.", not specifically addressing WHAT was B.S. - that he talked to Detroit or the context of his conversation with Detroit. Hench also says Favre will do anything to hurt his former team. Based on what, Hench? He's already said (as has his wife) that that's not true either. And the Packers' are innocent in what was a PR debacle this Spring? Seems like since you're making these assertions about Favre, it's up to YOU to come up with more than just some blanket statements and opinions. And finally, an observant Hench stated that Brett has thrown 11 INTs against 15 TDs. Welcome to Favreland. Where in the hell have you been, Henchie? So, it comes down to who you believe. Look at Hench below without his witches' crown and with it. I'd say Henchie should worry more about his barber than anything that concerns Brett Favre.

I know who Brett is. I don't think many care who you are, Hench. And I'm pretty sure Brett doesn't either.

Here are two recent articles where Hench rips on Favre. Funny how FoxSports columnist Jay Glazer defended his reason for not confirming facts with Brett (regarding his article alleging Favre gave "secrets" to the Lions) by saying Favre would've ran to ESPN and ESPN would've broken a watered down version of the events, thus beating Glazer to the punch. Well, with the animosity the FoxSports writers consistently show Favre, wouldn't you?

Hench thinks he has a handle on Brett's legacy and that it will be ruined by the likes of the Lions' story, Favre's flip-flopping on retiring and the messy "divorce" from the Packers. My question to Henchie is: how do you KNOW all this? Well here's something I know, Hench. Brett will go into the Hall of Fame as one of the greatest QBs of all time (currently owning every significant QB record - and then some - there is).

Henchie's biggest claims are he's a schlock sports writer, he wrote a movie or two, and he's my "Witch of the Day". There is no comparison.

Honorable Mentions:

1) Boomer Esaison - Boomer stated in a recent article that Brett's last 3 games were horrible. OK - the last 3 weeks were: a bye, Oakland (Jets' lost), Kansas City (Jets' won). Favre threw 6 INTs over that 3-week period. Technically, how can you count the bye week? If you don't (which you shouldn't), the game the before the bye was Arizona, in which Brett had one INT against 6 TDs. So, Boomer, Brett's really had two horrible games regarding his INTs - not 3. Learn to count, asswipe.

2) - 4) Mark Kriegel, Jay Glazer and Adam Schein - all FoxSports writers. All assholes. Certainly Schein is as much of a flip-flopper as anyone. Course, that's a prerequisite to being a sports journalism - saying one thing one day and changing it the next. Like Favre unretiring. Hypocrites. They're all FoxSports whores who have a thing for railing on Favre. Now the Fox analysts on Sunday mornings (i.e. Howie, Terry) - they're objective, ex-athletes who speak their minds in one sentence and shut up. No vendettas.

5) Phil Sims - I like Phil but this week he got on 49er's interim coach Mike Singletary for publicly admonishing one of his players who slapped/poked a player on the opposite team during a game. Singletary sent the player to the locker room after the incident occurred and Sims felt Mike took things too far - publicly. I and the other correspondents disagreed with Sims and felt coaches need to be in control of their players. If I were the opposing player, I would slapped the 49er back with an assault charge. Sims? You're a pussy.

6.) Some sportswriter from (related to the San Fran Chronicle) who said Favre's pass to Coles for a Jets' TD against the Chiefs last week was a "lame duck" ball. Hey...asshole "sports writer"...ever heard of a "fade stop" route? That's what that was. Favre put the ball exactly where it was supposed to be. Loser.

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