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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We 'Aren't' Marshall (or we wish we weren't right about now).

Ever see a football player break his leg in the opposite direction? Watch it here.

The visiting Houston team defeated Marshall yesterday (I believe), but the win was a costly one as Houston WR Patrick Edwards slammed his right shin into a cart off the field trying to shag an errant pass.

I'm assuming the ink on the lawsuit paperwork is already dry.

Speaking of football injuries, here's one you may have forgotten. No, not Joe Thiesman. Destry Wright (not Wight, like the article caption says), a free agent out of Jackson State who joined the Pittsburgh Steelers in his rookie year for the 2000-01 NFL football season. Apparently he was trying to earn the 3rd RB spot but he was tackled in a preseason game against Dallas during a routine run around the left end and his knee was snapped backwards, snapping his fibula and dislocating his ankle. Out for the season.

No word on what happened to Wright after that season.

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