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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jeff desparately needs to clear the air on a Glazer/Favre story issue.

(No animals were harmed while writing this story. Uh...that one? Not sure. It's not my picture.)

For fear of beating a dead horse (or a dead story), I must clarify something I keep seeing in the media regarding Brett Favre's press conference this morning where he addresses columnist Jay Glazer's borderline defamatory article on Brett supposedly having a coup d’état/tête-à-tête with members of the Detroit Lions organization. (You can read earlier posts on the subject but man...that was one long-ass sentence.)

There’s one point I keep seeing in the press that came from Brett Favre's press conference Wednesday morning. Tom Pelissero's Insider's Blog on (which was a pretty fair summary of the events up 'til now - nice job, Tom) echoed what I found in many articles that reported on the press conference - that Favre's admission that he talked to the Lions was, "a far cry from Favre's initial reaction to Sports Illustrated's Peter King that Glazer's report was 'total B.S.' "

But that's not what Favre texted Peter King.
According to King, "he (Favre) texted me before the Jets-Raiders Sunday to call the story 'total BS ... not true and pretty ridiculous. I'm telling you it's not true. What the hell is their [Fox's] problem?' "

Doesn’t anyone see the difference?? Favre's quote was non-specific. It's not in reference to talking to anyone OR to the content of the story itself. He just states it without directing it to any one thing. Since Favre stated Wednesday morning that ex-Lion Pres. Matt Millen called him, I'm to infer that Brett's text to King was in reference to the content of Glazer’s story, not whether or not he talked to anyone from the Lion’s organization. It doesn't matter if you THINK Favre denied talking to anyone and now he said he did - because he never actually said "I never talked to anyone from Detroit - it's B.S." in his text to King.

Lastly, Tom Pelissero of states in his Insider’s Blog on October 20th that Glazer said when he first got wind of the news, he was told that Favre may have been helping several of the Packers' opponents. "I did not find that to be true," Glazer said. "But that was the original tip I was given." Yet Glazer stated in his article, “In addition, there have been rumors that Favre has spoken to other teams giving them information, but most of those teams insist they have not heard from the famed gunslinger.” So if Glazer found this information to be false, why did he mention it? “I’m sorry, Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury – please disregard what Mr. Glazer just said”. Am I to assume that is now in the habit of publishing stories based on rumor and innuendo?

People are asking questions about Brett Favre’s integrity and character, but aren’t these points enough to question the integrity and character of Glazer’s and’s Or should people continue to follow whatever they say blindly? Why can't journalists learn to just do their job? Fucking assholes.

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Anonymous said...

Amen! I heard that Jay Glazer called his old boss and told them all about Fox Sport's inside information the last several weeks. Apparently Jay also texted his secretary to catch a nightcap when his wife goes out of town in the next few weeks.

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