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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So sayeth #2 Wise Monkey - Packer Coach McCarthy.

In paraphrasing Coach McCarthy during the heat of the Brett Favre PR debacle, "We've moved on. We've designed our offense around the strengths of Aaron Rodgers."

"kenwinter" posted on 'Did anyone read the "Real Football" article on Brett? After describing how the Jets coaching staff has literally revamped their offensive scheme to take advantage of Brett's skills and experience, the author concluded by saying..."The quarterback has already done his part to change the culture. There is a chemical reaction going on here that has removed all limitations on this team for the first time in a long time. The Jets feel like they can win every week. Will they? No. But they will win enough...Intangibles, intangibles, intangibles...'

And from "doughsellsz": 'What's it been now, two months & NYJ have "completely revamped" their offense to accommodate the NAME? Didn't MM say that's why the NAME couldn't come back to GB? Somehow NYJ has been able to adjust.'

I couldn't agree more.

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