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Monday, July 13, 2009 hack Hench calls Favre a "quitter"?

As usual, the hack writers at - the National Enquirer-esque sports website - have nothing substantial to write about so they're picking on Brett Favre again. They featured him in a serious of Worst Comebacks (Favre with the Jets) which doesn't even make sense since the Jets finished 5 games better than the previous season (so I won't even comment on that one). The one I will comment on is Kevin "my-haircut-looks-like-my-ass" Hench's photo essay on most infamous quitters in sports. You can see the photo essay here.

Favre made #7 - and he's the lead-off picture for the series. Hench writes, "Brett Favre's decision to walk away from the Jets after last season appears to be a new twist on quitting, even for him. Heading to the Vikings -- if he does it -- would be his ultimate parting shot at the Packers, the team he "retired" from a year before going to New York."

The copy under the lead-off picture of Brett in a Jets' uniform says, "Some quit on their teams, some on themselves, some while they were ahead. Heck, some even like quitting so much they've done it more than once (see below). Here is Kevin Hench's list of the most infamous quitters in sports."

Where dipshit Hench fails miserably is in his interpretation of the English language - specifically, the word "quit" (and all derivations of the word). If you take the basic definition, "to stop, cease, or discontinue", you can use that in reference to all sports figures. They all "quit" at some time during the course of their career. However, the definition of "quit" that most people think of when discussing sports is "to stop trying, struggling, or the like; accept or acknowledge defeat."

To refer to Favre as "the king of quitting and un-quitting and re-quitting ..." is absurd. You wanna say Favre's guilty of waffling on retiring, that he gets his jollie off of retiring and unretiring, fine (and technically, he's only retired and unretired once...he hasn't signed with the Vikings yet so again the hacks at are jumping the gun).

And the audacity that anyone lumping Favre in with a guy like John Daly - who walked off a golf course in the middle of a tournament -preposterous. You see, Henchie, what Daly did, THAT's "quitting" in sports.

Why didn't you mention MLB'er Gary Sheffield, who admitted later after the Milwaukee Brewers finally traded him, to throwing balls into the stands on purpose and giving less than a 100% effort so the Brewers would trade him. He ADMITTED IT - that one's not even a stretch. You also didn't mention the dozens of sports figures (hundreds by now) who've used illegal PED's (performance enhancing drugs) and got game suspensions. THAT'S quitting on yourself, your teammates and the game.

I guess while you're calling Brett Favre a "quitter" you dumb fuck, you should mention how well Favre played (4 TDs, 399 yards) in Oakland the day after his father died, or how he played almost an entire season with a broken thumb on his throwing hand or his ironman consecutive starts as QB (& ranked 2nd overall for all positions).

Think I'm over-reacting 'cause I'm a Favre-groupie? Check out the other crap Hench calls "sports journalism" - Hench telling Favre why he's ruining his legacy, Hench giving Favre and the Green Bay Packers love advice during their PR debacle last season, my "Queen Witch" honor I awarded Hench, and, the creme de la creme - Hench berating a baseball player for his poor performance when it was a known fact that said baseball player had a possible life-threatening illness that was affecting his playing. I don't make this shit up. The writers at are quite capable of doing it by themselves.

This is exactly why has a reputation for yellow journalism, tabloid crap stories. It employs guys like Hench - wannabe screenwriters who are the real quitters. Henchie (whose title is "national sports columnist" - like so many others - quit his profession as a journalist and put his want for celebrity and notoriety ahead of writing responsible, intelligent sports pieces.

Hack. Douch bag. Scum.

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