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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mel Gibson & Ted Thompson. Two July 4th revelations that made me smile.

1. A friend's friend's friend (still with me?) was a former assistant to Mel Gibson. This former assistant couldn't say enough good things about Mel, commenting that he was an extremely wonderful man who has gone to great lengths to help family's pay their children's medical bills through one of his charities.

2. I met a guy who's got a connection to an NFL scout. According to this NFL scout, within NFL scout circles, Green Bay Packer General Manager Ted Thompson has a reputation of being an odd ball. Might explain the struggles between Brett Favre and TT, which eventually led to Favre being traded from Green Bay to the New York Jets.

So, aside from having a chest cold that ruined my 4th of July partying, two things I already felt to be true were verified by reliable sources - Mel Gibson, my favorite actor, is a magnanimous person, and Packer GM Ted Thompson is a douche bag.

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