Passion = Truth? How Jeffrey James Francis Ircink Sees The World? I love when people are passionate about something. That surging of emotion is the one honest measure of what truth is. It's a truthful display of how a person really feels about something or someone at that particular moment. That passion IS truth.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Origami No. 21. "An Act of Regeneration", by Ray Smith.

Ray Smith is my friend from Cedar Rapids. We met while working at Theatre Cedar Rapids - Ray worked behind the scenes on sets or tech. He used to write poems inspired by the various productions he worked on and then give copies of those poems to the cast members.

"An Act of Regeneration"
by Ray Smith

Of the mind
Forming illusions
Into action

Hiding shame
Under the bed
Shoved into the
Basement of our Soul

Living untruth
Seeking the appearance
Of reality
Making us worthwhile

The skeletons hanging
Their horrors hidden
Til the relationship
Demands them purged

I Am – We Are
Cutting through
Ridding ourselves of –
Raiment’s of illusion

Realizing wholeness
As we cut away
The guild

Realizing worthiness
As we let go
The shame

Left alone
With our Spirit
We are free
To be one again

To Be
All - things or any – thing
We are choosing
To become

In likeness
All We-Are

(Origami is sort of my catchword for a featured blog post that highlights my original writings - could be an excerpt from one of my plays, a poem, a song, a rant, a rave, a cursing, etc. Origami is the art of folding paper (the word is of Japanese origin). Or, it could be the creative juices of someone else I know - or don't know. So, within the folds of this particular blog feature you may find something really beautiful, meaningful or poignant.)

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