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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mike Farrell's, "Of Mule and Man". Read it.

"Not since Steinbeck's Travels with Charley in Search of America has there been a more beautifully written and compelling journey into the heartland of America. Mike Farrell celebrates his beloved country with great honesty and sincerity, with humility and grace. A beautiful and courageous book."
- Ron Kovic, author of Born on the Fourth of July

Mike Farrell - actor, writer, director, producer and social activist - pens a poignant journey of his travels across the United States in his rented Prius, "Mule", while promoting his autobiography, Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist. I thought the most appropriate manner in which I could discuss this book is to just reprint the email I sent Mike:


Received Of Mule and Man on Wednesday. Finished Saturday morning. Should’ve finished it sooner, but with the impending move back to WI I was interrupted. Otherwise, couldn’t put it down. Your penchant for storytelling is remarkable – second nature. You’re writing is perfect. Interestingly, those who’ve read my plays overwhelmingly say that my style of writing dialogue is…well, it sounds natural. Like, this is how people talk. And isn’t that how a play should read - as if it's real-life (at least, those that do, in fact, reflect real-life)?

Obviously, I wasn’t aware Shelley broke her hip. Ouch! I trust the healing process is going well. My thoughts are with her. Interesting to think how the book might have read with her along for the trip. And your son got married! Very nice…congratulations to him and his bride.

Random thoughts. That paragraph about “who needs the radio” and talking to yourself? Hilarious. Do it all the time. I’ve always said ‘if I don’t listen to myself talk, why should I expect others to?’ Loved the cover design of the book. Loved “riding” along with you throughout your incredible cross-country journey (what…no stops in WI???). After having read your bio and now this book, I can’t help but think how striking the similarities are between you and your character “BJ” on MASH. The book, unequivocably, gets 5 stars (I may blog about it - 1,000 hits a week...who knows who I can influence to read it).

Finally, though we DO share commonalities in our social and political beliefs, we also share differences. But that’s beside the point. Your unwavering passion for your beliefs is admirable. I love the word “passion” and I love passionate people – even those I disagree with on certain issues. (There’s a reason I named my blog, PASSION = TRUTH). I would follow you into a firestorm because I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you would have my back, as I would have yours. Nobody’s perfect. You nor I. But I find you to be an honorable man (which is the same word your son used when I had those beers with him a few years ago). THAT is an important character trait.

Ha – you’ll get no argument from me that I believe you’re lucky to have Shelley in your life. But – she’s also very lucky to have you in her’s.

When’s the next book comin’ out, dammit!!??? I’m ready for more…

Best regards,
Jeff Ircink

PS – if you ever run into Mule again (or a relative) give her/him my best

And yes - Mike emailed me back. If you click on the Amazon banner at the top of the blog page, you can order Mike's book from there.

Book cover design: Jon Resh
Front cover photo: Chris Downie/Ninja Monkey Studio
Author photo: Patricia Williams/Human Rights Watch

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