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Friday, July 10, 2009

MLB'er Ryan Braun is an ass.

I don't follow Milwaukee Brewer's baseball (it's my hometown, you know) so I have no right to comment on them. When I watch them they lose. I'll watch a few games in May when I'm home fishing 'cause my dad watches them. They made the playoffs last year for the first time since 1982 (when they went to the World Series and lost in 7 games against St. Louis). But inevitably as quickly as they're ahead a few games they end up in the toilet.

Braun made the all-star team this year. He's a great player. But he's an ass. Even my mother thinks so and her gut instincts are as honed as mine. Case in point, Braun recently made some strong comments about the Brewers' pitching - or lack thereof. Fine - he's a leader of the team and if he has some strong feelings I have no problem with him voicing them. Here's exactly what he said:

"I wish I got to make decisions like that," Braun said Sunday. "But I know he's trying to make our ballclub better. I know he understands the significance of making a move and making it soon." Braun also laid the team's recent struggles directly at the feet of the team's struggling pitching staff. "No matter who is in there, we have to find a way to throw the ball better for us to have success...I think when you're constantly behind in games, it's not easy and it's not fun. Their starting pitcher was clearly better than ours this series."

It was fairly pointed out by one of the coaches that the Brewer's could also use some more hitting at times.

So Braun mouths off about the pitching. My issue with him is he backed off his original comment. Softened it, as you will. This is why he's a ass:

"At times, I am emotional," Braun said. "I am passionate, and (my comments) derived from wanting to win. I definitely take full responsibility for that. That being said, me and Doug are cool. Everything is good. I have no issues with anybody. I apologized if I offended anybody in the organization. That clearly wasn't my intent. I wasn't trying to disrespect anybody. I wasn't trying to call anybody out."

Well then why did you make the comment in the first place? Ass. And a douche. My mother thinks he's an ass. I think he's an ass; therefore, he ass.


brian said...


Another place where I don't understand your "jones" here. You only watch the Crew a few times a year, but you're in a position to tag Ryan Braun? really?

You praise Favre for calling out the team, and asking for help from mgmt. Then gun this guy because he got a similar message out. Sure he 'backed down', but in the real world, everyone knows what he meant, as I'm sure so do his teammates. The "retraction", if even that, was PC. The tone of the retraction was very "eddy haskell" to me (he said what he was supposed to say, but everyone knows what really happened here)

Yes, they need to hit more, but "calling out" your team/management to step up is a gutsy move. As an all-star, who is currently leading the NL in hits since June 1, he's holding his end - will the team/pitching hold up theirs? I'm all for "gutsy moves". This was the right one, right now. Can't go 2-6 against the Cubs and Cards and not expect it to bite in October. They will need pitching help. Doug Melvin - where art thou?

Also, you call him out as an ass based on one exchange - that's as thin as any of the media hacks you constantly rant about. By the way, he did the same late last summer, and that seemed to work some magic, as I recall. Then again, you were probably busy with your Jets #4 jersey in one hand...

do your homework, or stick to Favre-love!


Jeff Ircink said...

braun backed down. favre didn't. and my mom watches the games fairly regularly and thinks he's an ass based on numerous incidents and comments. and she loves favre.

gotta go with mom, brian. my instincts are 99% accurate. gotta go with that too. plus, i don't have to do any research to simply not like someone. it can be based on nothing. or very little.

and you were alluding to what with your comment, "you were probably busy with your Jets #4 jersey in one hand..."? that's a pretty balsy comment yourself, sir.

Jeff Ircink said...

i do, however, appreciate your comments, bri. really. how's the summer treating you and your family. i'm moving back to WI end of the month (not sure you knew that). we'll have to spar in

Jeff Ircink said...

another dismal effort by the Brewers tonite...lousy pitching, lousy fielding and the hitting that got the game tied up failed again (though spotting the other team 6 runs in the 10th doesn't help either). i know. pitching.

brian said...

Your "instincts" are 99% accurate? Who the hell are you, Rush Limbaugh? You sound a lot like the Favre-bashers you rant about, my friend. Show me data, or back down! (that's usually your chant, right?)

The Brew Crew has three legitimate all-stars (Fielder, aka - Home Run Derby king, Braun, and Hoffmann). None of them are 'asses' - I (and many other fans for other teams, would take them anyday of the week on my team). this team's problems are not the fault of these guys. It's the challenge of the small market team - 3 or 4 stars, and a cast of "Jordan-aires"

And again, I give Braun credit. He called out the issue. If this team is going to win, it's not gonna be because Braun said this, or backed down. It will be because a deal gets done. He just had the cojones to speak out and probably echo a few others on the team. He wants to win - and that's clear to me - how can you not love that passion? Unfortunately, there's no C.C. out there this year...

As for Favre-love, it's hard to find anyone who's more blind to whatever this guy does than you. That's fine, and I'm in the camp where he should be allowed to pursue whatever team will have him, to do what he wants. But I'm not obsessing about it - are you?

We can spar in WI over a beer - hit my home account (@uwalumni), and we can synchronize calendars - I'm in WI most weeks for about 3 days/week.

Best Regards,


Jeff Ircink said...

i don't understand why you keep rehashing the same points, brian. i never said Braun wasn't a good player. i said he BACKED down from his comments about the pitching. when Favre called guys out Favre didn't back down. and the asshole Favre called out was Javon Walker 9won't rehash that whole story) for not honoring his contract. we all know how well Walker did once he was traded to Denver. THEY got sick of his shit and traded him to Oakland. if Braun had a set of balls he would've said his peace and left it there. never said Fielder was an ass either. if had softened his stance i'd respect him as well. but he didn't, so i don't.

as far as Favre, i'm not blind. i have all the facts to back up my "blindness" and i'll debate you any time on the subject. obsessing? sure - cause he's my favorite athlete and i believe he's getting a raw deal from the press since the GB divorce. read my last rant on Kevin Hench from if you agree the Favre's a "quitter", then i guarantee you that we have nothing to talk about then.

(by the way, i know several people who DO follow the Brewers faithfully and think Braun's an ass. and there are a TON of people who are in the Brett Favre camp when it comes to that issue.)

first beer's on me. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL this is so funny. just because you see him on TV and read what he says you think he is an ass. you've never even met the guy? never asked for his autograph and had a bad experience, so what do you know pal?!

Jeff Ircink said...

Anon - my mother thinks he's an ass and that's good enough for me. AND i can randomly talk to 10 people who watch the Brewers and 5 of them will agree with me. i did it - 2x.

that's why i think Braun's an ass. said...

to brian & anon,

turns out, Ryan Braun truly is an ass. and liar. and a cheater.

that 99% accurate intuition? don't bet against it.

retractions? anyone? Buehler?

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