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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Misread" or 'incomplete information"? You pick.

VP Biden: "We misread how bad the economy was..."

Pres. Obama: "No, no, no, no, no,"...Rather than say 'misread,' we had incomplete information."

So then this most recent stimulus package was configured on "incomplete information"?

President Obama just recently put his initials on a new $15 billion food security program intended to assist poorer countries in their food production. The emergency supplemental appropriations bill that was signed a couple weeks ago spends billions overseas. We seem to have an endless supply of money to dole out overseas, yet our unemployment rate is rising and the economy isn't on an upslide.

And there's talk that OUR COUNTRY may need another stimulus package. Where's that money coming from? Doesn't this strike a chord with any of you out there? California is so broke it wants to hand IOU's to state taxpayers and so is the City of Los Angeles and yet LA found $1.4 - $4 million to spend on Michael Jackson's memorial service.

Why are there's so many of you acting like nothing's happening? Is anyone taking this seriously?

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