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Saturday, July 25, 2009

#55 - "Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust". Aunt Ruth's cottage.

("Grace Notes from a Bohemian in Wanderlust" is a series of posts about my 3.5 week May vacation in Seattle, Chicago, Milwaukee, Lake Tomahawk, WI and Miami. They are in no particular order.)

My father - relaxing at his sister's cottage in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin. My Aunt Ruth has had this place for...a while. It's on indian reservation land. We always try and stop in and visit while we're fishing up at the Rainbow in Lake Tomahawk. Click on READ MORE! and let's take a peek at my Aunt Ruth's cabin.

Dad, Uncle Tom (deceased) and Uncle Fran. The Ircink brothers.

When I lived in Bel Air, CA, I had a Christmas tree up year-round. I had it up for two reasons - one, it was my way of commenting that the "Christmas Spirit" should live on 365 days a year and not just during the Christmas season, and two, it reminded me of my home in Wisconsin - the Up North feel of cabins and woods and evergreens. The bitch who owned the property where I lived and worked in Bel Air thought I was nuts for keeping my tree up year-round.

I guess all the Ircink's are nuts then, Barb. My mother has two trees up year-round as well.

My Grampa Ircink's lure collection.

The Ircink clan. Back row, left to right: Aunt Ev, Dad, Uncle Tom, Aunt Ruth, Aunt Mary (deceased), Uncle Fran. Front row: Grampa and Grama Ircink. The occasion of this picture was my grandparent's 50th anniversary. Myself, my father and brother got wasted. :)

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