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Friday, July 10, 2009

Jamie Foxx's mistake? He opened his mouth.

"No need to be sad - we want to celebrate this black man," Foxx said. "He belongs to us and we shared him with everybody else...It didn't make a difference what he looked like. It matters what he sounded like."

Those were Foxx's comments about Michael Jackson at the BET awards last week.

I think it's a laugh-riot when folks like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson toss out the race card when discussing Michael J., while others say that Michael J. was all about bridging race, gender and social status issues and getting the world to live in peace and harmony (my words but you get the picture).

Well, Mr. Jamie Foxx. You were good in Ray but you need to hire some handlers who can advise you when to shut your piehole. Saying that he (Jackson) belongs to US (black people) and WE (black people) shared him (Jackson) with everybody else (non-black people) does nothing but perpetuate the race issue that Jackson worked to bridge.

AND Foxx contradicts himself. If "it didn't matter what he (Jackson) looked like", why does Foxx bring race into his little speech about Jackson? Funny how Foxx gives the impression that he's all warm, fuzzy and humble and he's about keeping it real and remaining true to his Texas roots and all. That comment about Jackson proves he's nothing but a fake. Never did like Foxx. Never.

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