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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"PTSP." reviewed in Seattle Weekly!

My 'dirty little play', "Pass the Salt, Please.", opened at The Little Red Studio in Seattle this past Friday as part of their Erotic Shorts Festival. Word from the theater powers-to-be and my director, Cherilynn, is it was a BIG HIT, though I have an inkling the reviewer was expecting more from the night as a whole. I'm extremely happy and I can't wait to see it this weekend - it'll be my first visit to Seattle and I get to see my friend from Cedar Rapids, Lisa. whom I haven't seen in 11 years. 11 years??? Read the review below or check out the link.

Regarding the critic's viewpoint that "erotica" seemed to be a missing element from the evening, guess it depends on your definition of "erotica". When "Pass the Salt, Please." won BEST OF SHOW at UNcover - a two night art exhibition with an erotic vibe in Cedar Rapids (March 2007, I believe), my buddy went home and got laid. It was his wife...ha...but they were both turned out - by my play and by the rest of the evening. I look at it this way: whatever I'm looking at or listening to - if my penis begins to swell with blood, that's erotic enough for me.

So - oh, the other thing. The reviewer referred to the characters in my play as a "depressed middle-aged couple". My father could be having the time of his life - as happy as a clam - and still look like he's lying on a morgue table. These characters are NOT depressed. Not at all - unless the actors were specifically told to act depressed by the director (which she didn't) or the characters were interpreted to be depressed by the reviewer. But they most certainly are not "depressed".

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