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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jeff Ircink, Jeff Chandler, Jeffrey Hunter. "When we were 43, it was a very good year."

I was named after these two lugs. Actors - you might not recognize them (your parents or grandparents would). At the heights of their short careers, they were top leading men.

Facebook has quizzes and tests you can take - favorite actors, celebrities you've met, celebs you'd like to meet, favorite musical groups, celebs you'd like to punch, favorite cartoons growing up, etc. Those quizzes made me think about the "Jeffrey's" I was named after.

Jeff Chandler (left) - the one with the prematurely greying hair. Looks like the model for G.I. Joe, doesn't he? Nominated for an Oscar for his role as Cochise in Broken Arrow (a role he played in two more movies). Dated Esther Williams, the swimmer/actress.

Jeffrey Hunter (right) was born in Louisiana but grew up in Wisconsin. He turned down the role of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek television series and starred with John Wayne in what many believe to be the greatest western of all-time, The Searchers.

Both actors died in the 1960's. Chandler was eight years older than Hunter but, oddly, they both died when they were 43. I'm 44, but that headshot of me was taken last year. On second thought, maybe "43" wasn't such a very good year for these Hollywood stars, eh?

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