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Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama shoots his wad; releases CIA documents to the world.

President Obama fully acknowledged that the CIA has to protect the American people and American soil against people who don't play by rules when interrogating their prisoners and who would willingly kill innocents and die for their cause. Then he releases classified CIA documents written by George W. Bush's administration detailing methods of extracting information from al-Qaeda prisoners.

Say one thing. Do another. "I understand that it's hard when you are asked to protect the American people against people who have no scruples and would willingly and gladly kill innocents." Really? Do you REALLY understand, President Obama? I don't think you do.

Leon Panetta, President Obama's CIA chief, and four most recent former heads of the spy agency, asked Obama not release the memos as this might damage national security and demoralize CIA operatives. But Obama knows more about U.S. covert operations than FIVE CIA chiefs so he just ignores them all. Chief of Staff Rahm "I-don't-have-to-pay-property-taxes Emanuel, defended the decision to publicize them, stating that it had "enhanced America's image abroad" and deprived al-Qaeda of "propaganda tools".

Excuse me but do you honestly believe - Rahm - that releasing those documents will deprive al-Qaeda of its propaganda tools? Seriously - what a fucking joke. Talk about naivete. The President already acknowledged that al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups don't play by the same rules as the U.S. They shoot their captives. They behead their captives. Our methods (waterboarding, for one) are effective - we obtain the information we need and the prisoner is still alive. Whoever said anything about international cloak and dagger games being fair?

Just like Speaker of the House Nancy "Pablo" Pelosi compromised the effectiveness with which ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) can deal with illegal aliens in the U.S. by referring to it as "un-American" , by releasing previously classified CIA documents for the world to see in an effort to "enhance America's image" our country was just made weaker than it already is.


The Camera Fanatic said...

The louder someone complains, the closer you are to the truth. I anticipate a lot of ad hominem complaints from statists here. Do not let them talk you out of reading this book.

In any given generation, there are but a few authors and thinkers whose creations can survive the ravages of time and the shifting sands of societal evolution. It is rarer still when a key book is written, recognized, and celebrated contemporarily. This is one such book.

Mark R. Levin logically lays out what has made the United States of America different from all other nations in the history of humanity. He re-introduces us to the founders and framers, and those people who inspired them long ago. At its most basic elements, our country was founded on the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...and that we have these rights conferred on us, not by man or government, but by Natural Law, which originates with the Creator. Mr. Levin puts us back in touch with our founding doctrines, which are the at the very heart of what conservatism is and has always been.

For too long, Conservatives have let themselves be defined by the media. Mr. Levin's book recasts what it is to be a proud Conservative, and gives voice to those who are often silent in the face of ideological slander. If you believe in this great country, if you believe in truth and honesty, if you believe in life and principles, if you believe in freedom and patriotism, if you believe that all people are created equal and it is up to the individual to succeed according to their talents and interests, and if you believe in a smaller efficient government, and lower taxes, then this book is for you.

NY Times Best Seller - Hardcover Nonfiction - #1 for 3 weeks running! - all categories - #1 for 29 days and counting.
Over 900,000 in print, in its 15th printing.

...and all the while, a deafening silence from the major media outlets - until now, April 20th, when the MSM champions an anti-American book.

This book is perfect for the individual who has always "felt" conservative, but couldn't quite explain herself. Mark Levin's "Liberty and Tyranny" begins with an excellent overview of where our country is as a constitutional republic and how we got here. He then states clearly his book's theme and rallying cry -- Conservatives must know the philosophical foundations for the principles they purport to advance in order to defend liberty from the "soft tyranny" of modern liberalism.

Levin goes on meticulously (many more than 300 endnotes), but plainly explaining the principles of classic conservative philosophy of "prudent" progress, a government that is subservient to the people (rather than the other way around), the fundamental truth that rights are not derived from the government but from a higher power, that the free market system more than any other in history provides the best, most efficient and most just opportunity for individual prosperity as well as for the general welfare, and much much more.

Levin's book provides ample evidence of government encroachment on individual liberty and our country's descent into the soft tyranny warned of by Alexis de Tocqueville in our country's earliest years. Economic regulation, environmental extremism, the usurpation of representative government by the judiciary, unprecedented and uncontrolled illegal influx of people into out country, and the like threaten our economic viability. Finally, Levin's book details how the liberal (and some so-called conservative) political elite rejects the notion of American Exceptionalism and seek to surrender voluntarily the sovereignty our forefathers fought and died to give and to preserve for us.

UPDATE: This book is currently on sale at Amazon. Now is a great opportunity to pick up this book, if you haven’t already.

Scott said...

Solid comment by "The Camera Fanatic." I just don't understand why over the past 20 years, we have moved away from what made us great.

Jeff Ircink said...
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Jeff Ircink said...

Obama's head on intelligence released a document the same day as Obama asked for these CIA docs to be made public that show Congress APPROVED of all interrogation techniques used by the CIA between 2002- 2006.

this information came to light today. when the chief of intel release his report last week, an abridged version of his statement was released to the public, but it did not refer to the program’s success or the authorization from Congress.

go figure. THAT information wasn't politically favorable for the Obama camp.

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