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Monday, September 29, 2008

"The Unleashing of Hell". Favre and Gang Green have a record day in the Meadowlands; Jets, 56 - Cards, 35. Jets, 2-2 / Packers, 2-2.

Sore ankle. Schmore Ankle. We said it - me, my brother, Favre fans and Jets' fans. Let Favre unleash hell and we'll pull out a victory. Here, Brett and Coles are celebrating one of Coles' 3 TDs . It's about time they both got on the same page. Cotchery had 2 TDs as well.

(WAIT! There's more...)

The 56 points scored by the Jets is the second most in team history; the Jets recorded a 62-28 win over the Buccaneers during the 1985 season. The Jets scored 34 points in the second quarter, a team record for points scored in any quarter (previous high was 30 points in memorable Monday night win over Dolphins in 2000 season). The all-time quarter record is GB over the Lions in 1945 - 41 pts. in one quarter.

I swear Brett looks like Mark Wahlberg here. Or Mark looks like him.

Brett and his QB coach. What do you suppose this young punk (I say that endearingly) of a coach is saying to Favre - other than, "Nice job on the 6 TDs, Brett."?

Brett Favre threw at least four touchdowns in a game for the 20th time in his career. Favre trails Dan Marino by one for most all-time four-TD passing games. Favre also threw three touchdown passes in the second quarter. The last time he threw three touchdowns in a quarter was on Dec. 14, 2003 at San Diego (fourth quarter). Favre has passed for three touchdowns in a quarter five times in his career, with four of those coming in the second quarter.

Fox Sports chose Favre as the FedEx Performance of the Day, yet chose Drew Brees as the QB Stud of the Day. Brees 363 yards, 3 TDs, 1INT. Favre 289 yards, 6 TDS, 1INT. Do the math, Fox. Brett will surely be be nominated then selected FedEx Air Player of the Week, having received the FedEx Air Player of the Year award last year after winning it 5 times throughout the regular season.

Minutia. minutia and more minutia!

- At the 1/4 mark in the regular season, Brett is ranked #1 in TDs, #1 in QB rating and #2 in completion %.

- Until yesterday, the Cardinals defense had been pretty stout. No 100 yd. rushers or 200 yd. passers.

- Blown calls. Hey, happens every week. Here were 3 against the Jets that were questionable: a) Over the back call on Coles - no call and should've been, b) Offsides on defense – Favre thought he had a free play when the defensive lineman jumped the line of scrimmage and instead Favre through his only INT. (the guy WAS offsides), and c) Roughing the kicker – according to the announcers you can't have roughing the AZ kicker if the AZ kicker's teammate pushes a Jet into the kicker. So instead of a field goal, it was first and goal and AZ scored a TD.

Don't rest on your laurels, Gang Green. Favre won't.


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