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Sunday, September 21, 2008

"The Bed" and "JPBandL Meet Brett Favre on Their Train Wreck" - two new short plays complete!

Over the course of two non-successive weekends, I completed two, 10-minute plays for submission into Short & Sweet - The World's Largest 10-Minute Play Festival, in Sydney, Australia.

"The Bed", an old man's introspective look at his life, was written in the span of about 24 hours while I was in Chicago a couple weeks ago. "Jessica, Paris, Britney and Lindsay Meet Brett Favre on Their Train Wreck", a tongue-and-cheek look at celebrity and a Magic 8 Ball, was written while I spent this past weekend in Tujunga with Donovan, Maria and Baby Grace.

I've had both ideas in my head for quite some time - but really just a one-sentence logline. Sometimes it happens that way. Environment has a lot to do with it. Last year, my award-winning short, "Pass the Salt, Please." was a semi-finalist in Sydney. This year I hope one of these plays captures the $5,000 grand prize award.

Wishful thinking for a playwright is a must.

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