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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I want this man to die.

Slowly and painfully. This is Mark Kriegel. Columnist for Pulitzer prize covet-er. Danny Bonaduce-wannabe.

Here's his article on the Jets-Chargers game yesterday and his scathing attack on Favre. Danny Bonaduce-wannabe's obviously shooting to pen a Pulitzer. I mean, read this article - you'd think it was the Chargers against Favre. That's it. No other Jet was there. It's ridiculous and irresponsible journalism (yellow) and it misrepresents what occurred on that field.

NOT ONCE does Danny Bonaduce-wannabe mention that the Jets' defense was run over by the Charger's offense - 11 San Diego possessions and the Chargers PUNTED ONCE. Apparently in Danny Bonaduce-wannabe's little mind, defense doesn't win or lose football games. Just Favre does. Danny Bonaduce-wannabe (I'm already tiring of calling him this) says Favre's stats: "30-of-42 for 271 yards, three touchdowns, two interceptions, one bad ankle. He was lucky, very lucky, he didn't finish with four interceptions."

What is that? And NEVER does idiot boy mention two questionable calls by Coach Mangini of the Jets that led to a Charger TD and denied the Jets a 2-point conversion. It's all on Favre. Danny're "lucky" my brother and I don't find out where you live and pull a train on your wife/lover (I'm assuming your wife/lover is a girl; if you are gay, the Ircink Bros. will not be pulling a train on a man). [Wait - I should take that back. Don't wanna schtoop to this guy's level of asinine writing. I'll just THINK about pulling the train thing. That way I'm legally protected. Can't jail me for my thoughts.] What an ignorant thing to say (not my comment, he started it). There's nothing wrong with Favre's stats. He had a respectable 92% rating and he still had 2 INTs.

Danny Bonaduce-wannabe stated nearer the end of his diatribe (as if this post weren't a diatribe), "It's worth mentioning that Favre found a rhythm in the 3rd quarter...." Thanks fuck-head. Nice of you to notice. Danny Bonaduce-wannabe has written the Jets off after a 1-2 start. WOW - he must really know his football. He did after all write a book on Joe Namath - a former Jet. I'll remember this - and when the Jets are above .500 so help me God I will take this post and find this dick and jam it up his ass. People like this prick don't care about what they're writing - the sport, that is. They care about the byline, the name, the attention, the controversy, the fame. And no, I'm not lending credence to him by writing about him. I'm exposing him for what he and his "journalism" are - spawn. (Not sure how I meant that to sound. "Spawn" sounded good right about there.)

If you think I can't be objective because I'm a Favre fan, you're wrong. I have no problem saying Favre had a shit game if he had a shit game. Monday's game illustrated an offense that's not in sinc yet because they have a new QB, and a defense that didn't show up. Every season the naysayers jump on Favre's ass and every year he proves the naysayers wrong. Why they do that I will never undertand - must be all the media who didn't vote for Favre for the Good Guy Award last year (press award). Eating shit, I mean - crow, is something the media enjoys (and some fans). 16 years and ONE losing season with Green Bay (two 8-8 seasons), every QB record there is in the NFL, 256 consecutive starts and a Monday Night Football game where he threw 3 TDs and 271 yards and you think I'm gonna judge Favre on ONE game - OR three games into his first season as a Jet? I don't think so.

And if you still think I'm not objective, read the comments underneath dipshit's article above or look up archived articles from Danny Bonaduce-wannabe. I'm not the only person who hates this guy's guts. Danny Bonaduce-wannabe bitch. I'm calling FoxSports.


Bert said...

Agreed Brett did not have one of his best games, but the fact is that Head Coach "Mangina" lacked good play calling which directly affected the momentum of the game.

Jeff Ircink said...

exactly, cuz. i even talked to this guy i know who doesn't follow Favre of the Jets and he watch the game and thought Brett had a decent game, considering the 2 picks. the DEFENSE was non-existent. and, of course, Mangina's two calls. i like Mangini though.

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