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Friday, September 12, 2008

Belicheat's analysis of Brett Favre...

The New England Patriots (sans QB Tom Brady) travel to the Meadowlands to face QB Brett Favre and the New York Jets Sunday (CBS). Here are a few thoughts Patriots' Coach Belicheat had on Favre. Candid and honest, to say the least.

I meant that the coach's assessment - it's honest, and accurate. Not the coach.

Belichick said. “You never want to relax anywhere but Brett is the type of player that can take the ball from one side of the field and in a split second, turn around, whip it somewhere else and put it right on the money – just like he did against the Giants when he hit [Jerricho] Cotchery down the sideline for a 50 yard touchdown, where he looked off the safeties."

“You don’t really want to guess with Brett. You’ve got to react to him. When he starts to do something, if you think, ‘this is what he’s going to do’ [and] then he switches it – you are out of position and you’re really in trouble. He does a good job of reading what the defense is seeing and reacting away from it."

"If you over react to him, it’s almost the worst thing you can...He can stay on his feet and buy extra time in the passing game and that puts most stress on your coverage at all levels...He can scramble and run if he needs to..."

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