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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My new shoes. Piloti!

The shoe. Piloti. The style. Monaco. "Piloti" is Italian for "racing drivers". They're European driving shoes. Normally around $100. $20 at Ross for Less in Tujunga - and not a flaw in them. I love them.

Did I say I mention that I love them?

Founder Kevin A. Beard graduated from Art Center in Pasadena with a degree in Product Design - concentrating on the interior of cars. He joined the Advanced Design Group at Adidas® in Germany, where he became a respected member of its revolutionary biomechanical team. He was instrumental in designing the first "Feet You Wear" concept.

Stints at Reebok® and K-Swiss®, Kevin wanted to get back to the cars and racing he loved. And he had an idea for a new line of shoes. So in 1999, he left his director's post at K-Swiss to pursue something he always wanted to do: Create a line of authentic driving shoes that would not only be innovative in how they perform in fierce racing conditions, but also stylish and comfortable enough for the street. His passion became known as Piloti.

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Piloti Shoes said...

I bought my first pair about a year ago now and I haven't looked back since. They are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn whilst driving and I wear them every time I get into the car. I'd definitely recommend them to others. I'm currently thinking about the next pair as the ones I have are a bit worn now.

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