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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Favre and the Jets at Miami - NFL game opener!

I had to look at this post headline a couple times after I wrote it. "Favre and the Jets...". Doesn't seem right. Do you know how long it's been since Brett Favre WASN'T in a Green Bay uniform? Since 1992. 16 years ago. It's freaky wrong.

But it is what it is. I'm putting this post up earlier than normal (well it's not "normal" because I'd been rooting for the Packers ever since I was a child in Wisconsin) as I leave for Chicago tomorrow morning early for some R&R and I wanted to comment on Brett Favre's first regular season game as a New York Jet. Can Brett help rescue the New York Jets from their dismal 4-12 record last season? Does Favre have anything left in the tank? How will the collective NFL fandom react to seeing Brett in a Jets' uniform on national TV? Jets are favored.

I'm psyched - not necessarily that Brett isn't in a Packer uniform - but that he's doing what he loves to do and that's play ball . If that happens to be with the Jets, so be it. And I'm getting butterflies, too. Just like Brett. I just want him and the team to play well - especially the first game of the season against Miami and Chad Pennington, who the Jets got rid of in favor of Favre. I hope Brett gels with the team as it translates into TDs on the field. Hell, less than a month into his Jets career, Brett Favre was just voted an offensive captain by his teammates so that's a good sign that they recognize Brett as one of the leaders of the team.

Sayeth Mr. Favre, "I felt a little uncomfortable to be voted. I'm honored. As I told [Eric Mangini] yesterday, I feel like I need to earn it. I don't want it to be based on past performances or longevity. All those things are important, but what's important is what I do here and how I carry myself as a teammate.”

Now, if you're a Favre fan, you have to see his latest press conference snippet on the Jets' site. It's the video - NFLN: Favre Set For Takeoff. Go to the 9:00 minute mark. Favre had addressed a question about his being a "loner" with the Packers his last few years there and that he hadn't even known where many of his fellow Packers lived (in Green Bay). Watch it.

Now go out there and kick the Dolphins' asses. Does a dolphin have an ass? Kick'em in their balls then.

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