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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did I mention that I despise the media? Course I did.

If you've read this blog, your quite aware of my disdain for the media, in general. I have many reasons, some of which are rooted in Green Bay Packer football, Brett Favre and the fact that I was editor of my high school newspaper and majored in Journalism in college and generally think reporters suck.

Without going into too much rhetoric and ranting, check out this statement which appeared in a column by Ben Smith, who covers sports for the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. The gist of his article was that, although he likes Brett Favre, he feels he won't make a difference for the New York Jets this season. Fine. I think the Jets will go at least 10-6 and win a playoff berth (I don't make predictions for the very reason I'm about to illustrate so ignore that statement...THOUGH I'm allowed to make predictions regarding the teams I root for, which is the Jets and NOT the Packers this season).

Ben's statement : "And it ends the same way it ended for Joe Namath with the Rams, or, best case, Joe Montana with the Chiefs." (Namath sucked with the Rams and Montana took the Chiefs to the playoffs.)

As kind and wise as Ben appears to be, and yes, he looks like the sort of fellow I might hang out with, his is the type of blanket statement that boils my blood. Wow, Ben - you really walked out on a limb to make that bold prediction, didn't you? My cousin's fiance's unborn child (no, she's not pregnant) could have made that observation. Why not just say, 'Favre will either succeed or fail for the New York Jets'.

Ben...may I borrow YOUR Magic 8 Ball, please? I want to find out whether or not I'll have to use the lavatory at some point today.

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