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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Illegal immigrants' right to unionize?? Double standard in this country sucks!

In May of this year, the Agriprocessor plant in Iowa was raided and 389 illegal aliens were escorted off the premises. A recent Los Angeles Times editorial chastised Agriprocessor's attempts to discourage and/or block attempts of the illegals to unionize. Read the editorial: What is Agriprocessors thinking?

The problems with illegal immigrants in the United States (and I've written on the subject at length on this blog - see ARCHIVES on right panel) fall on three groups: our government, big business and, of course, the illegal aliens themselves. The judicial system (part of "government") doesn't help matters when it finds against Agriprocessor's efforts to block unionization by rationalizing that the right of illegal immigrants to unionize protects U.S. workers by assuring "that the wages and employment conditions of lawful residents are not adversely affected by the competition of illegal alien employees who are not subject to the standard terms of employment."

Course, the liberal media backs the idiot politicians and businessmen by concurring that unions by illegal aliens are a good thing - and that plants like Agriprocessor are only hurting themselves in the long run. This double standard is rampant in our country. Illegal aliens are here against the law, BUT illegal aliens have rights in this country just like you and I. Double-speak. Bullshit. Horsehockey. Whatever you wanna call it.

And, our Supreme Court can't even get it right. In 1984 the Court upheld the National Labor Relations Act - but their ruling only pertained to illegals covered by the Act (not sure who that is and don't care)...not agriculture workers, not domestic workers (like those employed by my ex-boss in Bel Air), or those employed by spouses or households (like those employed by my ex-boss in Bel Air). Why the inconsistency - and the bigger question, "why are ANY illegals protected in the first place?"

Simply put, employers use illegals for exploitive means until they're (employer and illegal) caught. We know that. Liberals and Democrats (not all of them) might say they're in favor of upholding the law to keep illegals out, but the point they're really only interested in getting across is that, even though they're illegal aliens, they have certain RIGHTS in our country because they're human beings and anything less would be cruel.

Fine. I'm in favor of inviting every poor, starving, naked, homeless, illiterate and sick illegal alien to the U.S.; we can set up shelters in every yard of every liberal and every Democrat and THEN we'll see how long this fucked up system continues in our country.

Wanna see some opinions change mighty quick?

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