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Saturday, September 13, 2008

If he looks like a whiner and smells like a whiner, then he's probably Laveranues Coles.

God, it's like having WR Javon Walker all over again (ex-Packer). I hope this isn't going to be an on-going issue for Brett Favre or the Jets.

A September 11th New York Daily News article discusses how Jet WR Laveranues Coles and QB Brett Favre are still searching for chemistry on the football field. Like the "chemistry" Coles had with former Jet QB Chad Pennington.

Keeping in mind that Favre hasn't had time to develop chemistry with anyone let alone Coles, why is the WR Jerricho Cotchery-Favre combination working so well? I'll tell you why - because Laveranues Coles still can't get over (or get over talking about) his relationship with former Jets QB Chad Pennington and Coles is a baby. It's a man-love issue (nothing wrong with those) that's getting in the way of Cole's job.

Take a look at the reader comments on the Daily News article. The overwhelming (95%+) number chastise Cole for his attitude. And I'm assuming most are Jets fans who are more familiar with Cole and the Jets than I am.

I've been told I have a man-love issue for Favre. If liking Brett as much as I and thousands of other fans do - then I've got man-love. But it's not preventing me from doing my job. And this is nothing new for Coles. Back in December 2006, Pennington, Jets Coach Mangini and Coles taped a segment for Sesame Street with the character, Elmo. It took Coles a while to loosen up in front of Elmo. They were all a little nervous starting out, so Mangini turned to Coles off camera. "You need to lighten up the mood," he said, to which Coles replied, "I'll try, but it's hard with you here."

Now what a second - I thought Coles' man-love was for Chad only?

Apparently Coles was mulling over holding out in the beginning of the season due to contract issues. Now, it doesn't seem to be a problem, probably because Coles realized that he was injured for most of last season as the team struggled to a 4-12 finish. It's the exact scenario (money and injuries) that eventually led to mommy's boy Javon Walker being booted out of Green Bay AND then Denver. Walker's with the Raiders and guess what - he's got a hamstring injury...again.

My advice to Coles? Get your shit together. Remember how you left the Jets in 2003-04 to play for the Redskins because you wanted more money? That whole Chad-thing wasn't that important to you then, was it? You're a grown man. Stop talking about your man-love for Chad and catch a ball. Or get out of the NFL.

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