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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wisconsin and it's Love/Hate for Brett Favre.

A) Favre camp. B) Anti-Favre camp. C) Cheer for the Packers but hope Favre plays well.

Those are basically the three schools of thought relating to state of mind in Wisconsin this NFL football season. And I suppose the same could be said for Favre fans and Packer fans elsewhere. I figured when moving back to Wisconsin from California in September that this place would be in a state of upheaval. Family against family. Friend against friend. Like the Civil War.

If you follow this blog you know my brother and I (and our mother) are in the Favre camp. Dad could give two shits but follows the Packers. We boycotted Green Bay last year in favor of Brett the Jet and we're following the Minnesota Vikings this season. Once Brett retires for good and Packer GM Ted Thompson is no longer at Green Bay, I'll begin watching the Pack again. But not before.

People here are passionate about their stance regarding Favre. I hate TT so I understand the existence of Favre haters, particularly when Brett signed with the Minnesota Vikings this season. While I respect other's opinions, I can't help notice a swell of hypocrisy in the anti-Favre camp - most of it belonging to the media. Here are a few examples:

1. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 12/25/2009 - Paul Drzewiecki writes a blurb on "Ups & Downs". He mentions Dylan Favre, Brett's nephew, who's setting QB records at his high school down south, and his impending visit to UW-Madison. Paul D. writes, "Can't wait to see his decision-making skills". Obviously in reference to Brett's retirement waffling. How fair is that to Dylan Favre to question his decision-making skills just because his uncle is Brett Favre? Low blow. You're a dick, Drzewiecki.

2. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 12/22/2009 - Sub headline at the top of the sports page reads, NFL: Honeymoon seems over for Favre and Vikings. In reference to the discussion Coach Childress and Brett had on the sidelines during the Carolina loss, a discussion that was blown out of proportion by the media. Like anything the MJS reports on Favre, I have to ask, "Favre is no longer a QB for the Packers. Why do you keep talking about him?"

And just because Favre and Childress disagreed on something, the 11-3 Vikings' season is suddenly a "honeymoon that's over"? Ridiculous. I know. Trying to sell newspapers. I love it that newspaper readership is steadily declining. Hopefully they'll all be out of business sooner than later.

3. Local Milwaukee television. I don't watch a lot of local news but my mother informs me the broadcasters are constantly making snide remarks about Favre. One guy yesterday commented, "The NFC QB's in the Pro Bowl are Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and somebody else." (I'm paraphrasing but you get the picture.)

4. Biggest example of hypocrisy. GB fans who state, "Favre would not have faired better with GB's O-line protection earlier in the season compared to Rodgers." Now when Favre fans compared the 13-3 GB season in 2007 to the 6-10 GB season the following year, Packer fans said, "You can't compare the two seasons." So how can Packer fans make the O-line comparison this year?

5. Another blogger for the Journal-Sentinel, Dan O'Donnell, wrote, Favre: Childress Issue "Resolved". Now, were the quotation marks put around 'resolved' because O'Donnell was making reference to Chilly's words OR was it a slight to the Chilly-Favre discussion, as if to say, "Right...I'm sure it is resolved. Not."? I think it's the later. Dick.

6. I never liked Ted Thompson. Now there are Packer fans who hate Favre, even after they cheered and loved him for 16 years. Minor point but hypocrisy nonetheless.

So...I love Brett Favre and support him unconditionally. Those who disagree can suck my lingum.

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brandon knight said...

You can hate on Favre all you want, but a 107 qb rating with 33 touchdowns and 7 interceptions are hard to deny. Favre had the same number of touchdowns as Manning, but Manning has 16 interception ( 9 more than Favre).

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