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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Tiger's Tale.

Whatdaya know. Tiger Woods is NOT a god. 3 things we learned from Tiger's "indiscretions":

1. He's human. And perhaps athletes shouldn't be referred to as "role models".

2. How sincere were these women regarding their affections for Woods? I mean, if it were Joe Blow, would these women be airing their dirty laundry on national television?

3. Tiger may be a smart golfer. But he's a dumb guy. Given his persona and public image, to even flirt with the idea of having an affair proves he's as dumb as the rest of us.

4. The media sucks. I've stated this numerous times on my blog. It's become a mantra, of sorts. As if there were no other news to report - sports or otherwise. This'll be pummeled into our heads until Woods' popularity ratings drop to zero. Personally, a person's private life is his/her private life, regardless if you're a public figure (elected government officials are my one exception). Those who think otherwise are losers.

5. People are pathetic. If you watch TV or spend any time on the Internet, I'll admit it's hard to escape, but this entire affair reinforces how strong celebrity obsession is. Personally, I haven't paid any attention to it. 'Cause I DON'T suck. I'm too busy obsessing over Brett Favre and Mel Gibson to care.

6. Corporate America sucks. The reliance on celebrity testimonials should serve to teach Madison Avenue a lesson: pay millions to have Tiger Woods hawk Nike and Gatorade products and you pay for his baggage as well.

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