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Monday, December 14, 2009

Passion = Truth! The book! Now available!

It's been two years since I first self-published my photography book. I've been pleasantly surprised at the quality all-around. I just revamped the cover and credit page and added several new photos. This'll make a great Christmas gift - though Christmas orders aren't shipping until Dec. 22nd...but this book makes a great gift anytime). Softcover's only $42 and the hardcover (with dust jacket) is $55. 132 pages of great photography and text. A truly unique coffee table book.

CLICK HERE for a hardcover version. Or CLICK HERE for the softcover version.

Bo Svenson (Walking Tall II, The Great Waldo Pepper, North Dallas Forty, Inglourius Basterds, Kill Bill II) and Earl Hamner, Jr. (creator of The Waltons, Falcon Crest, writer of the movie, Charlotte's Web and various Twilight Zone episodes) each have one.

You can click on the Blurb widget near the top of this blog on the right panel (widget is for softcover version only).

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Anonymous said...

Jeff, I really have enjoyed reading your blog and posts, and enjoying your photography. So I was most excited to purchase this book of your talent! Just received it in the mail today, I sat down and read quite a few of your words and looked at each picture. I just wanted to leave a message on your blog... a type of testimony for others considering this book. I liked it... sometimes sarcastic, some things really tugged at my heart because your life's struggles stream through, and poignant life moments. Great book... I shall treasure it always.

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