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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

ESPN's Craig James (is a dick), his son (probably a dick too) and a "dark shed".

So, the former head coach of the Texas Tech football team, Mike Leach, finds himself in hot water for locking receiver Adam James in the "woodshed" ("dark shed", "storage closet", whatever the fuck it was he locked him in) because Coach Leach thought James was faking a concussion.

Before Leach could whip out the switch on James, Leach gets the boot. Normally I wouldn't condone such behavior by a coach - any adult, for that matter. However, Adam James ain't the little drummer boy, according to a number of sources.

But don't tell his daddy, former NFLer and ESPN college analyst Craig James. James and his wife brought this matter to the Texas Tech administration's attention and all hell broke lose.

Like I said - normally I'd chastise Coach Leach. But I hate Craig James. Why? In 1998, James stated on ESPN that the #9-ranked Wisconsin Badgers were "the worst team to ever play in the Rose Bowl." Wisconsin went on to defeat the #6-ranked UCLA 38–31 in the 1999 Rose Bowl, led by ex-NFLer RB Ron Dayne. Afterward, Badger coach Barry Alvarez fired back, "Well, I know we're at least the second worst."

I never forgot that Craig James' comment. It was a dumb thing to say. And every time I see his face I think it was a dumb thing to say. Best part is that he got faced in the end - Wisconsin won the game. Call me jaded...Craig could tell me it's raining when it is raining and I wouldn't believe him. No credibility.

Craig James is a dick. Ergo, so is Adam James.

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