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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wall Street Journal Newsmakers of 2009 Poll.

WSJ readers chose Glenn Beck as the winner of the People Who Mattered 2009 poll. The conservative media personality garnered 14,602 votes - nearly 14,000 of them cast in the poll's final 24 hours -- to top Rush Limbaugh (1,488 votes); Barack Obama (795 votes); Bernard Madoff (266 votes); Brett Favre (215 votes); and Michael Jackson (184 votes). The poll opened on Saturday, Dec. 12 and closed Thursday Dec 17; 17,550 votes were cast. The six finalists were chosen by readers in a poll Nov. 30-Dec 10. Nearly 3,500 votes were cast in five categories among 25 nominees, who were chosen by Journal editors based on the most-searched names on this year.

I could care less about the other 5. I just posted this 'cause of Favre.

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