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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Desean Jackson is a dick.

I watched the Eagles' game last weekend and Jackson was running all over the Eagles' opponent. I don't care how good he is or how much money he makes (trying to head off that argument because sure is shit some dumb ass will say, "but he's really good and he makes a lot of money"). I'm tired of players showboating - of the dancing in the endzone and the Sharpies and the sombreros, etcetera. Score your TD, hand the fucking ball to the ref and go off and celebrate with your teammates. Leave the theatrics to the professionals, huh? And for those who say, "sports is entertainment", so is the music industry but those same people will rip on Eminem or Brittany or Jessica Simpson for the dumb shenanigans they pull off.
What brought this up was Jackson's performance last week. He caught a pass and ran into the endzone - while running the last 10-20 yards backwards. Then he goes to the sidelines and in his jubilation, he actually pushes away a teammate (not sure if it was a player or some staff member) while this teammate is congratulationing him. Psycho.
Did Jim Brown do this? Gale Sayers? Walter Payton? No. They didn't bother with the organ grinder monkey on the sidelines. They let their performance speak for itself. And I don't like it when the Minnesota Vikings' players do it either.
It's called "class". Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of class in the NFL. Unfortunately your Vicks and TO's and Mosses and Burresses and Travis Henry's and Cedric Benson's are the rotten apples that steal the headlines.
"No fun league"? Isn't cheering with your teammates, with other fans, having your team score a TD, having a beer and having your team win....isn't that good enough?
Vince Lombardi once said, "When you get into the endzone, ACT like you've been there before." Am I purist? Yes. I also have class.

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