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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our first wintry snowstorm.

Wisconsin got its first big snowstorm last night. 6-10 inches thereabouts (depending on where you're at). As I'm faced with four months of winter, there's really no way I can put off my walking regime that I started in California 3 1/2 years ago (15-20 miles per week). So I took a 2+ mile walk down the bike trail just to get a feel for walking in the snow. Click on READ MORE! for a few more pics.

Sounds of the Winter
by Walt Whitman

Sounds of the winter too,
Sunshine upon the mountains - many a distant strain
From cheery railroad train - from nearer field, barn, house,
The whispering air - even the mute crops, garner'd apples, corn,
Children's and women's tones - rhythm of many a farmer and of flail,
An old man's garrulous lips among the rest, Think not we give out yet,
Forth from these snowy hairs we keep up yet the lilt.

It's hard to let go of fall - even if you're a leaf.

We shoveled once last night and once again today. I've said my first winter home in 11+ years would be novel - at least the first winter. It's good to remain optimistic, no?

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