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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Timeline of Favre lies". is pathetic.

My comment on regarding Mark "Bonaduce" Kriegel's Timeline of Favre lies story:

"timeline of lies?. hahaha. now who thought that one up? surely not Bonaduce. quite the dramatics. i mean, like Favre's actions have any consequence on any of our lives - like war in Iraq, the economy, unemployment, health care, etc. 'TIMELINE OF FAVRE'S LLLLLLIES!!!' it's like 'AND THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES'. i can see where Favre not making up his mind is akin to killing dogs and shooting off guns in public, drugs, drinking and driving and killing people...yeah, indecisiveness off the field...yeah...TIMELINE OF FAVRE'S LIES!!!!!! funny stuff. and that intro, "Turns out that Brett Favre has something in common with his fans. My opinions are wasted on all of them."...classic! Bonaduce finally admits his opinions are wastes of time on us readers. I LOVE THIS! precious. and the LAKERFAN SINCE 1980 - saying you wish Bledsoe woulda got Brett's SB ring....another classic! i love this little fairy tale world some of you people live in. funny, cause i wish Kriegel Bonaduce would get hit by a bus every day of my life.

Alex "Dumb Ponytail" Marvez has another beaut article up as well. It boggles my mind how such hacks can get paid to write the shit they do.


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