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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Origami No. 22. "Reveille!" theme song?

"Reveille!" is my one-act play set in Virginia in 1863. Inspired by Ken Burns’ The Civil War and A.R. Gurney’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated, “Love Letters”, two women in 1862 Virginia strive to maintain a “normal” existence, one in which their perspective on each other is as different as their perspectives on the war itself.

This song is a work-in-progress. I considered it as "theme" music for the play, to be performed during scene changes or pivotal moments. I'm also planning on my musician buddy from Cedar Rapids, Nick Perkins, to write contemporary music I could use between scenes and before and after the show.

1:45 – 1:33

Landscapes of fields and trees
Simplicity in life for you and me

1:18 - :53

Glimpses of the past
Hopes meant to last
Sacrificed so we can be free

Thoughts put to words
Mean nothing left unheard
You and I must take head

Landscapes of fields and trees
Simplicity in life for you and me
Morning, noon and night pass with ease
The feelings in my head, don’t give me peace.


Gather up the remnants of time
It’s meant for us to be,
Our Reveille.
If only you could see, our Reveille
Why won’t you be my Reveille?

(Origami is sort of my catchword for a featured blog post that highlights my original writings - could be an excerpt from one of my plays, a poem, a song, a rant, a rave, a cursing, etc. Origami is the art of folding paper (the word is of Japanese origin). Or, it could be the creative juices of someone else I know - or don't know. So, within the folds of this particular blog feature you may find something really beautiful, meaningful or poignant.)

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