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Friday, August 21, 2009

ESPN's Jemele Hill needs a bitch-slapping.

ESPN's Jemele Hill to Packers Fans - Batteries at Favre
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Just yesterday, this hack wrote an article chastising Favre on and 95% of the comments were anti-Jemele Hill (regardless of whether the comments were pro-Favre or anti-Favre). Pathetic piece of trash. Her article. Hill stated Favre was harming his legacy by flip-flopping on retiring AND by playing for the Minnesota Vikings, a hated Packer rival. That's odd -how flippant Hill was when she illustrated (however poorly it was written) how these events might tarnish Favre's image, yet weeks ago she wrote an article about Steve McNair, saying, "Steve's faults should not weigh on his legacy." OK.

A few hours after her piece of shit article on was getting bombarded by readers' negative comments, Hill goes on ESPN's "First Take" and encouraged Packers' fans to give Brett Favre the "Duracell Treatment" during his return game against the Packers at Lambeau Field. She said to Packer fans:

HILL: "Listen to me, okay? If you have a shred of pride you will give Brett Favre the Duracell treatment when he comes to Lambeau Field."

OTHER GUYS: The Duracell treatment, what's that?

HILL: "Batteries! Batteries!" (She was saying to throw batteries at Favre while he's on the field.)

THIS - an ESPN "reporter"? You're joking? ESPN issued this apology:

And this isn't the first time Hill stuck her foot in her mouth. She was suspended for comparing the Boston Celtics to "Hitler" and "Nuclear War". Sorry - I shouldn't have said "her mouth". She needs to stick her head up her ass. And she should be fired and arrested for inciting a mob to riot. I'm serious.

Soooooo...if you're looking to book Jemele Hill for your next event, fill out this form. It'll cost you between $2,500 - $5,000 to hear her insult your party guests and incite them to riot.

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