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Monday, August 3, 2009

Loved "Pineapple Express". Rosie Perez sucks.

Saw this flick for the first time. Loved it. But Rosie Perez sucks. Never liked her. Two words: annoying & grating. Her gutteral accent (based on her turn in White Men Can't Jump, the only movie I've seen of her's) makes me want to rip out my own larynx.

At first glance, one might blame her dialogue...which was for shit. However, as much as Apatow and Seth Rogan have relied successfully on the use of improv as part of their filmmaking process, one would think Perez had ample opportunities to flex her chops. She didn't. Lines like, "You sexy motherfucker" made me wanna throw a brick through my roommate's television - then choke on my own vomit. Thank God the movie, rest of the cast and script were worthy of my 112 minutes (I joined the movie in-progress, so....maybe 100 minutes)?

Incidentally, I know an actor who was in a movie with her (not an extra). The actor told me she's a bitch (but the actor used another word).

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