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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Introducing The Right Honorable Michael George Browne, 5th Baron of Oranmore!

Michael is - excuse me, Lord Michael - is a family friend of the Ircink's. His father passed away recently and - well, to make a long story short, he found out that his ancestors in Galway were a bunch of barons and ladies. It shit you not. This ceremony at Irish Fest (above) in Milwaukee was the official ceremony bestowing Michael with his title.

Now - the good part. Lord Michael wants my brother and I to accompany him to Ireland so that he can meet his cousin, The Hon. Garech Domnagh Browne, and see his ancestoral castle in Galway. Lord Garech is a member of the titled family of Oranmore and Browne in the West of Ireland and is a wealthy patron of Irish arts, notably traditional Irish music. He is the owner of the estate, Luggala (seen below) in Wicklow County, a member of the Guinness family, helpe to start The Chieftains, and blessed with a black lake on his Irish estate, improves the picture by surrounding it with white sand to make it better resemble a glass of the famous family beverage. His brother Tara was the man immortalized in The Beatles' "A Day In A Life" for "blowing his mind out in a car".

I want to go. I should. Odd time for me though...with the move home, trying to find a place to live. I think I might go. I'll keep you posted.

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