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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jeff knows Bo.

"Brother Jeff - Write on! Act on! Live on!" Bo Svenson.

I first met Bo, ohhhh....6 months ago or so. We've stayed in touch. I've read his screenplay (above, which I enjoyed). I met Bo at his home Friday. Beautiful place. Gorgeous garden - I must've seen 10-15 hummingbirds feeding. Never have I seen so many in one place. Spectacular view of the ocean. Wanted to say "see you later" (my move back home). Wonderful man. We had such a good time that he invited me and my brother back with Jason gets here to drive me back to Wisconsin. Jas is excited.

Bo as Reverend Harmony in Kill Bill II. Tarantino loves films from the 70's, particularly Italian cinema.

Bo starred in the original The Inglorious Bastards with Jim Brown. Tarantino's premise in his new film is similar. Bo also has a cameo in Tarantino's "remake".

Bo played Jo Bob Priddy in North Dallas Forty, alongside Mac Davis, Nick Nolte and John Matuszak (pictured above with Bo) and the gorgeous Dayle Haddon. Walking Tall's another film you may remember Bo from. He owns his own production company, is a producer, writer, director and Judo champion (and still competing).

Stay tuned for more on my visits with Bo.

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