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Monday, August 31, 2009

Angeles National Forest Fire.

30,000+ acres burned already. 15 or so structures gone. 3 people burned (2 idiots who thought it was safe to hide out in their hot tub in Tujunga Canyon). 2 fireman dead.

My birthday weekend turned out to be one in which my friends - Donovan and Maria - were on pins and needles about whether their home would be safe. They live in Tujunga, which is in the heart of where the fires are raging. Because of the smoke and ash in the air, we've been camped out at Maria's parent's home in Arcadia (today you can now smell the smoke there). Maria's father is a retired LA fire chief so the man knows something about fire. Donovan and I packed up whatever irreplaceable valuables we could from their home yesterday just to be safe.

I snapped this picture of Grace's hula hoop amidst the ash that has reigned down on the town. Poignant to say the least.

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greendale said...

Hope Maria & Donavan's house survives the fire. We have friends who had to evacuate 2 years ago when the fires hit. Pretty scarey.
Hey, we only have snow here, so that's not bad!!!

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