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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" is a Jew's wet dream.

I keep describing the movie that way but if you saw it, you'd agree. And I don't mean any disrespect to Jewish people...just see the movie. You'll say, "you're right - it is a Jew's wet dream". It's supposed to be.

Went to see it Monday night with Donovan. The shot above is from the opening scene - one of the two best scenes in the movie. The other one was the scene in the tavern in a basement. Both were excellent. Donovan enjoyed the movie more than I did, though he had some issues as I did. "Tonally inconsistent"...his choice of words. I agree. Brad Pitt's character seemed like he should be in a different movie - his character, the leader of the Inglourious Basterds, was more caricature than anything. The Italian cinema scene with Pitt and two of the Basterds? Same thing - different movie. The Jewish soldiers that comprise the Basterds had no depth whatsoever, save for Pitt and Til Schweiger, whose character is a disgruntled German soldier the Basterds recruit to fight on their side. I felt mislead. I thought this was a film about the Basterds and it wasn't. It was a film that had a couple plot points interwoven and the Basterds were a part of that. If you're going because you're thinking, "Dirty Dozen" - don't. It's doesn't hold a candle to that movie.

Christoph Waltz (pictured above, right) is by far the strongest character. He'll get nominated for something. Eli Roth, who played the Basterd, "The Bear" (the guy holding the bat in the trailer) - again, there's hardly any depth to any of those guys. That's all Roth does. I can't believe they paid him for what I'm assuming was an extraordinary amount of money. B.J. Novak sucks in everything I've seen him act in ("The Office"). I seriously wanna punch him. The female leads are both strong.

I love war movies. I love blood and guts. Normally I'd say if you saw the trailer on TV...that's your movie. But those two scenes I mentioned earlier are worth seeing. They're about 20 minutes each. So 40 minutes for $11.75 a ticket? B-. Maybe.

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Anonymous said...

ah yes the jewboy radical eli roth,and the Italian American homo quentin tarantino,two of my most hated human far as celebrities are concerned,where's the buttplugging scene quentin?you have them in all your other movies,you should have had old Charles waltz give one to roth,he'd love it.

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