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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday's "F@!#% You!" Triumvirate. No. 3 =

"It seems fitting that around Thanksgiving, we take time to look at the top turkeys of the year, those who showed bad judgment and seemingly just couldn't get out of their own misguided way."

This - according to the infinite wisdom of No. 3 goes to Wanted to save the best for last. Unfortunately, I can't find the piece on their website to direct you to (lucky I wrote it all down first, eh?). listed Brett Favre as Turkey #3, for the PR debacle with the Packers during the preseason. But hey - we all know and their writers have a bone to pick with Favre so why am I surprised. Honestly, Kriegel, Hench, Goodman, Glazer and Schien probably stood around in ecstasy and did their reenactment of "5 Men, 1 Cup" while watching the Jets lose to Denver on Sunday.

Here's the kicker. ranked Favre, who retired and then unretired because he just wanted to play football, over the following:

#10- NFL refs

#9- Angel Matos, the Cuban taekwondo Olympian who got disqualified from the Beijing Olympics, then received a lifetime ban for retaliating against the official who DQ'd him by kicking him in the head

#8- Max Moesly, head of the governing body for Formula One, caught on videotape with 5 hookers reenacting "Springtime for Hitler" during a Nazi-themed orgy

#7- Isiah Thomas, who got fired as an NBA coach then overdosed on sleeping pills and lied, saying it was his 17-year-old daughter who OD'd

#6- pro golfer John Daly, arrested for drunkenness (anything to do with being drunk and making an ass out of himself is nothing new for Daly) outside Hooters and playing in a tournament with his shirt off and his fat gut hanging on the golf course causing the young children to trip over his stomach and others to vomit

#5- OJ Simpson (seriously...WTF...why bother explaining this one)

#4- Jose Canseco, named steroid users in his bio, arrested for carrying a fertility drug over the Mexican border then knocked out by another football player in a celeb boxing match.

Are you 'efing kidding me? Only #2- Roger Clemens, regarding his testimony of his alleged steroid use and #1- NFL loser Pacman Jones (I'd have to start another blog to list his rap sheet) were higher than Favre. What about a mention for the Green Bay Packer organization and the 3 Wise Monkeys for contributing to one of the biggest PR debacles in sports history and trading Hall of Famer Favre to the Jets (Jets, 8-4 / Packers 5-7) or Michael Vick's attempts to mainstream dog fighting into the NFL??? And Plaxico Burress DIDN'T EVEN MAKE THE LIST (see No. 1 post above).

F@!#% You,! and most of your sports columnists (and that's pretty much a F@!#% You! every day you exist on the Internet).

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