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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Separated at Birth? Cousin Gerry and Wisconsin Lumberjack Man.

The guy on the top is my 2nd cousin Gerry (my dad's 1st cousin) - master hunter, outdoorsman, custom jeweler, bronze sculpture and airbrush paint artist...and a helluva funny guy. And he's my cousin and I love him dearly. This picture was taken last winter while he, my brother and my Uncle Fran (he and Gerry are the same age and grew up together) went bow hunting for pheasants.

The guy on the bottom is an 1890's Wisconsin lumberjack taken from the banner at the top of my blog. See it? Far right. Tell me Gerry doesn't look like this dude - or that the dude doesn't look like Gerry.

Or maybe I've just imbibed in too much holiday egg nog. Merry Christmas, Gerry & Jan! I pray that your bullets - and slings and arrows - fly true. And a Happy New Year!

(Support your local NRA.)

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Anonymous said...

the time for honoring himself will soon be at an end

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