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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank God the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Some dopey college student writing for The Daily Vidette online at Illinois State University threw in his two cents worth on Brett Favre and his return to the NFL (in case you've been traveling, Favre played for the Green Bay Packers for 16 years and was traded to the New York Jets - stupid bastard Packers).

Read the story here. So I sent the article to my brother in Wisconsin, who was/is - like myself - in the "Favre camp" during this whole PR debacle that ensued once Brett decided to unretire. Here's Jason's response to the article - which he emailed to the student. Nice job, brother.

That's Jas on the left (our Santa Barbara trip in June). Couldn't have said it any better myself:

"You're tired of hearing about Favre, yet you write about him?? You're a fan, yet you thrash him!! Journalism is not your forte my friend. Best you change your major now. I would hate to see you join the ranks of the thousands of scum journalists feeding off the lives of others. Was your mommy drinking or something? Did you catch a buzz after nursing (off her titty) and then decide to write an article? Stick with what you know - drinking and masturbating. You're just a little boy who thinks he knows everything...but doesn't know shit. By the way, Brett Favre NEVER, EVER brought up retirement. IT WAS THE FUCKED UP MEDIA THAT KEPT ASKING HIM ABOUT RETIREMENT. They wanted a story and though it took them five years to get it - they got it! So, please don't give me this shit that you're tired of hearing about it. YOU ARE A CASUALTY OF THE MEDIA!!!! Have fun tonight beating off to a picture of Obama. "

Spoken like a true brother. I'm so proud.

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