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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Roll Call of Votes at the Democratic National Convention: What a hoot.

I watched part of the roll call vote at the Democratic National Convention in Colorado yesterday and I gotta tell you - what a circus.

Now I understand this whole convention is just a formality and I also understand that it's in the tradition of our American political system that each state gets up and introduces itself in this manner (please indulge me because the Wisconsin delegation never got their chance to do this as Hillary Clinton (NY) called for a suspension of the vote in order to declare Barack Obama the Democratic nominee for President - so she fucked us over):

"Madam Secretary, the great State of Wisconsin - the Badger State and birthplace of the Republican party (which would be a bold thing to say at the DNC) , home of cheese and "Up North" and the hamburger hall of fame, the freshwater fishing hall of fame and the Bratwurst Capital of the world; ex-home of future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre who was recently traded by the "3 Wise Monkeys", our sorry excuse for a management team of the Green Bay Packer organization, home of astronauts Jim Lovell and Deke Slayton, the band the Violent Femmes, conservationist John Muir and the voice of the Milwaukee Brewers - Bob "I'm in the front row-w-w" Uecker; speed skater Eric Heiden, guitar legend Les Paul, home of seriel killers Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer, of Senator Joseph McCarthy who outed many commies during the red scare of the 50's; also home to Gene Wilder, Fred MacMurry, Spencer Tracy, Carole Landis, William Dafoe, Chris Farley, Orson Welles and the theatrical husband and wife team Lunt and Fontaine, home of the first kindergarten and the American Socialist Party (another thing you wouldn't say at the DNC), leader in taking away welfare from those ne'er-do-wells who think it's free money and home of the etcetera, etcetera..." (you get the point).

Anyway, you have to watch the YouTube video of the roll call and go to the Maine delegation and fast-forward to 29:30 and listen to the delegation chairman (male). Apparently, being the first state in the union to see the sun rise ain't all it's cracked up to be. Laughed my ass off.

By the way, the Secretary for the Democratic Party, Alice Travis Germond - watch for her, dressed in a sea-green suit. She introduces each delegation and officially enters their votes. Permanent smile. Big mouth. Huge - like the Joker. I am scared of her.

Also, if you fast-forward to the Montana delegation (43:15), they just would not shut the hell up. I was talking to someone on the phone at work, hung up the phone and this lady was still chattering. So she says the Montana delegation casts 7 of their votes for Hillary Clinton and then this guy chimes in and says, "the Montana delegation, standing as a united Democratic delegation, casts 18 votes for Barack Obama and 7 for Hillary Clinton!".

How is that "united"? Dumb asses. I can hardly wait for the Elephant convention.

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